Volunteer Tracking for People Who Hate Technology

Ither is the only text message-powered solution for volunteer tracking and engagement.

When technology feels overwhelming, users may avoid it, resulting in unreliable performance of essential functions like tracking hours. Your organization's data is accurate only if even the least tech-savvy user can track effectively. That's why we build software for people who hate technology.

How Ither by Side Nerd™ Works

The easiest way for users to track real time volunteer data in natural language.


Add Contact

Access the Ither app through its defined 10 digit phone number.

Add Ither Contact


Text to Track

Text a description of the activity or event you wish to track in natural language


Insights, visualized

Follow the texted link to view your data report in a web browser

Need a Better way to Track?

Before Ither, the Barrier Island Free Medical Clinic relied on a cumbersome, paper-based system for logging volunteer hours.

Ither allows volunteers to log hours in natural language via text message, enabling real-time, digital tracking in a way described as "easy to use" and "very user friendly" by the volunteers.

Older man and younger woman looking at a cell phone together